“Ain’t gonna set my sights on YouTube; that won’t fill my need.
I’ve got no cable on the boob tube; I’ll be the last guy who can read.”

- Dion, I Read It in the Rolling Stone

Reddit (reddit.com), also known as “The Front Page of the Internet”, is a social networking site that provides users with a platform to converse about similar thoughts and interests.  Within the site are communities called ‘subreddits’—pages that allow for discussion on more specialized topics.  Ranging from science (reddit.com/r/science) to music (reddit.com/r/music), the subreddit communities provide content for almost everything.

One of the more famous subreddits gives the opportunity for community members to open up and provide feedback to questions that may be asked of them by other users.  Known as the subreddit “I Am A ______, Ask Me Anything” (reddit.com/r/Iama), this page provides any user—from famous actors and subject matter experts to the everyman with something unique to share—with the opportunity to provide clarity and insight into the profession that they have chosen, their specific area of expertise, or the different hobbies and interests in which they are occupied.

Some recent IAMA highlights include question and answer sessions with the renowned astrophysicist Neil Degrasse Tyson, Khan Academy creator Salmon Khan, and Stanford research professor and Google X founder Sebastian Thrun.  The IAMA subreddit provides a fascinating window through which users may gain insight into the lives of others as well as for public figures and experts to provide transparency.

On Thursday, June 28th starting at 1PM EST, I will be engaging in an “I Am A Physician Expert in Personalized, Integrative Medicine, Ask Me Anything” to answer questions that users may have about generative medicine, personalized medicine, and the progress toward a future wellness care system.  As either a participant or viewer, please join me to voice your support,engage in the conversation, and of course, to Ask Me Anything!

Dion – I Read It in the Rolling Stone

Posted Tuesday, June 26th, 2012 at 12:29 am
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