“I don’t need no glitter – no Hollywood.  All you got to do is lay it down, and you lay it down good.”

— Eric Clapton, I’ve Got a Rock n’ Roll Heart

When you watch television, browse the web, or drive down the Interstate in your car, it’s hard to miss the media’s portrayal of how diabetes and cancer are causing pain and prematurely ending lives.   The way these two diseases are advertised, it would seem obvious that they should be the leading causes of death each year in the United States.  And yet, another major culprit is oftentimes overlooked.  Heart disease has consistently been at the top of the list of the leading causes of death in the United States, killing more women than men and five times more women than breast cancer.  Heart disease can affect women and men as young as thirty years of age, and people’s risk has started to increase at younger and younger ages.  Even though heart disease is less advertised—and even though in many cases heart disease can be prevented—it is the number one killer in the United States annually.  Knowing this, more doctors and organizations have reached out with a new, preventive focus to combat heart disease, including Aviir Diagnostic Laboratories and their partner, the non-profit Guard A Heart Foundation.

Earlier this month, I was privileged to attend the Rock n’ Rolla MTV Music Awards Eco Lounge in Beverly Hills, sponsored by Guard A Heart and Music Saves Lives, a non-profit event that partners entertainment and music with disease prevention and wellness.  At this event, Guard A Heart offered Aviir’s new TruRisk™ 5-year cardiac risk assessment for cardiovascular health.  Aviir, founded by a team of Stanford doctors dedicated to preventing heart disease, is tackling the issue by developing progressive blood tests for novel protein biomarkers that can show the early signs of heart disease more accurately and efficiently than conventional cholesterol testing.  Knowing that the American Heart Association has recently estimated that by 2030 over 40% of the US population will have some form of cardiovascular disease, Aviir is forging ahead with the changes necessary to prevent and combat heart disease properly.  At the Rock n’ Rolla MTV Music Awards Eco Lounge, I was on site for Guard A Heart, ordering Aviir’s new TruRisk™ assessment for the attendees and encouraging my ideals of preventive treatment—not only for the health of one’s heart, but also for that of the whole body.

Partnered with Guard A Heart, which is a non-profit organization founded to raise heart disease awareness and prevention, the event was a great way to educate and encourage the importance of eating and living healthfully.  Because I had partnered with Guard A Heart last month at the 4th Annual California Fire, EMS, & Disaster (CFED) West Conference and Expo in Palm Springs, I was already familiar with their fantastic charity work and unique approach to heart health and prevention.  Preventive measures are the only way to address chronic disease properly, and events like these are some of the many key steps we need in the direction of a society based upon true wellness.  Thanks to all of the individuals who came out to the Rock n’ Rolla MTV Music Awards Eco Lounge, including my lovely and talented cousin—actor, model, and fashion designer Shelby Cates—a big thanks to Melissa Curtin, the LA City Editor for Miss A., for mentioning my remote consultation practice and personalized wellness plans in her excellent review of the event; and of course, thanks to my friends at Aviir and Guard A Heart.

Eric Clapton – I’ve Got a Rock n’ Roll Heart

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