Patient Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my insurance cover treatments?

Each policy is different; however, many insurance companies are now covering natural medicine and see the added benefit of preventive care and establishing health and wellness. Most plans cover lab costs regardless of the ordering provider. In most cases, PPO plans cover our services as an Out-of-Network Provider, and you can use flexible spending accounts and health savings accounts to pay for our services and treatments. It is ultimately your responsibility to check with your insurance company to see if your policy covers natural medical care.

Does the practice handle my insurance claim?

While fees for services and treatments are due at the time that they are rendered, we recognize and respect the desire of our patients to get the absolute most out of their healthcare dollars. Thus, as a courtesy to our patients, we will provide any information needed from us by your insurance company after you fill out the appropriate claim form and submit it to them.

How can I prepare for my visit?

There are a few recommendations for a successful visit:

  1. Be organized! Try to keep focused; time spent on trivial concerns takes away precious time for the important issues.
  2. If you are approved for an initial consultation with the doctor, have a small index card on which you have listed your major reasons for seeking the doctor's care to reference on the call.
  3. If you choose to move forward with the new patient on-boarding process, after you complete your new patient forms, scan and email or fax copies of any relevant laboratory tests (anything over 3 years, unless it helped establish a diagnosis, is probably not relevant) to us as soon as possible, so we can complete your initial lab order.

How can I pay for my visit?

We offer a 5% "cash discount" on payments for services made via ACH/eCheck. All major credit cards are also accepted, and all payments for prescribed treatments are the same regardless of payment method used.

What is Dr. Partovi's policy on phone calls with questions?

After your initial consultation with the doctor and the Deposit Agreement & Payment Policies document is completed and signed, the doctor will call you with any questions he has between then and your lab review visit. After your lab review visit (at which time you will have the opportunity to ask additional questions), if you choose to move forward with the Annual Wellness Plan, you will receive Dr. Partovi's personal cellphone, and he will be available to you directly to answer any clinical questions via text, voice text, or scheduled phone call. For any non-clinical (billing, administrative, scheduling, etc.) questions, please reach out to Madi Partovi directly at (760) 224-3033.