Environmental Medicine & Detox

Environmental Medicine & Detox

Decades of research has shown clearly that exposure to solvents, pesticides, chemicals, and heavy metals can contribute to many chronic health conditions. Prolonged use of synthetic medications, as well as exposure via diet and lifestyle, are the most common ways that toxic build-up is increased in our bodies. It is important to determine the source and total body burden of toxic exposure for the prevention and treatment of such conditions.

Dr. Partovi received specialized training in environmental medicine from worldwide expert and author Dr. Walter Crinnion and has utilized this powerful treatment approach with great success over the last several years. By combining the work of Drs. Crinnion and D'Adamo, both leaders in their respective fields of study, Dr. Partovi has developed a unique program that addresses the relationship between environmental toxins, biochemical individuality, and our long-term health. Each patient's toxic load is individually assessed and a program of detoxification is tailored for their needs. Treatment is aimed at assisting the liver in detoxifying the body from exposures, in addition to condition specific treatments.

Assessment includes in-depth exposure history, personal health and family history; laboratory testing for solvents, pesticides, and heavy metals; and complete exams. Treatment includes diet and nutrition, botanicals, hydrotherapy, chelation, desensitization, and natural hormones.

Hydrotherapy consists of various treatments to stimulate the patient’s vital force. By using cold and hot therapies, some of which also employ electrical stimulation, to strengthen patients’ immune systems, we can increase organ function to maximize detox and thereby promote maximal longevity. Dr. Partovi studied hydrotherapy under modern pioneer and master hydrotherapist Dr. Sara Hazel, and he incorporates this powerful treatment method with many detox and chronic disease protocols.

Detailed patient education on how to reduce exposure to environmental toxins is provided to all environmental medicine patients. These methods include routes of exposure in the home, food, water, air, work, hobbies, and consumer products.

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